The Belvedere has been considered the finest mansion in Galena since it was built in 1857. Come experience its majesty for yourself. Special pricing is available for groups. Inquire within about discounts offered. Don't miss this experience of a lifetime! The Belvedere Mansion and Gardens are open to the public from mid May to mid November. This historic 22 room mansion is truly lavish, the finest and "most often visited"  Italianate mansion in Galena for more than 33 years!

The Belvedere Mansion and Gardens

1008 Park Avenue

Galena, Illinois 61036


Belvedere Mansion History in brief!

"This house is truly a walk into the history of this great nation during the time leading up to, during and after the Civil War. Ambassador J. Russell Jones served this country from shopkeeper to United States Marshall to Congress and throughout the Civil War as a champion of Ulysses S. Grant from the General's humble residence in Galena to the seat of power in the White House. Jones remained a true friend to Eliuh Washburne, himself an honored General of the War and later Secretary of State throughout his life. Their communications are well documented and their seeds of friendship began in this very house. Lincoln called upon J. Russell Jones when he wished to know of Grant's progress; and, the fortunes of war as far away as Paris and Brussels, as well as when Lincoln suspected that Grant might eventually take his place in the White House. From a young man, Jones tenacity for business rewarded him with the finest luxuries that life can afford (including this Victorian mansion) as well as with tragedy."

You can read more about the mansion and its builder, J. Russel Jones at the Belvedere Mansion History of this site.

The Belvedere Mansion offers a guided tour about every fifteen minutes from late spring to late fall. No reservations are necessary. Just ring the bell! You are always welcome! Your tour will begin after a short wait on the air conditioned grand Victorian wicker veranda .

The Belvedere Gardens can be explored at your leisure.

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